Unidental: Dentist Closest to the Border

We know the relevance to find the best dentist in Matamoros Mexico to achieve affordable dental treatments have a perfect smile. Our High quality-experienced Multidisciplinary Dentistry Center offers everything to makeover a beautiful and confident smile.

When you want to transform your smile looking for the smile of your dream in a couple of visits, Unidental, Dentists Matamoros is the solution.

We perform Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implant as well as many other dental specialties.

Matamoros dentistry is well recognized as one of the best option of Dental treatments on the border, and Unidental is the Dental Clinic in Matamoros with more prestige and experience.

Matamoros Dentistry: Few miles to get a Beautiful Smile!

Whatever your ideal smile is, Unidental, Dentists Matamoros, closest to the border, can help you achieve your dream smile. Specializes in providing Cosmetic, Restorative, Implant Dentistry and Orthodontics services.We are located in Matamoros, Mexico: just “one-step” from the Gateway International Bridge at Brownsville, Texas, serving for over 20 years patients across the USA, who comes to us by recommendation. Like them, take care of your teeth, wears the smile of your dreams, eat back naturally, and all this, saving up to a 70%, with the same quality as any other center near you. You do not need to drive your car to get at our any of our two locations. Most of our patients are usually coming to Unidental walking, due to our proximity to the Gateway International Bridge: just two blocks! At Unidental, you’ll always be attended by our Certified Dentists.

Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants and Smile Make Over in Matamoros, Mexico in just a few visits with none or little tooth preparation in most cases. We consider your health, your appearance and your personal goals. Once we’ve had the opportunity to examine you and discuss your concerns, we’ll give you all the information you need to make a decision that’s comfortable to you. Together, we’ll create a care plan that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Get a complete Smile Makeover in one week!

If you find yourself ashamed of the appearance of your teeth, if you avoid smiling, or if you are generally self-conscious about your smile, then a smile makeover may be the perfect dental solution for you.

Compared to your home dentist prices, we’ll save you thousands of dollars! Performing smile makeovers for people who want to achieve a brand new smile that will compliment the rest of their features and give them a boost of confidence. One week is all we need most of the time, to give back trust trough a bright smile with beautifully shapely and well aligned teeth. Our Porcelain Veneers cover any worn tooth enamel, space or cracks, creating a natural looking effect in your teeth.

With more than 20 years, Unidental has the experience, recognition to cater exclusively in need of Cosmetic, Restorative, Implant Dentistry and Orthodontics, working to achieve an amazing smile… the smile of your dreams!

We offer always a 100% satisfaction guaranteed to all our patients, because at Unidental, our renowned is not just the cost, is Quality. Serving people all cross the United States due to our strategic location in the ”limits of Mexico” very few steps from the International Bridge. Same quality and services to which you are accustomed but at affordable prices. In fact, the map puts us closer from the USA than Mexico. Maybe you are interested in know some data of how closer we are than you imagine.

Our concept of “American Dentistry” it will make you feel at home. Even being Closest to the Border, people Out-Of-Town are able to ask to receive free-transportation from your hotel in the first appointment. Please contact our Patient Coordinator at (800) 634-0477 (spoken English) to assist you with making local arrangements if needed. Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

Complimentary, our Cosmetic Restorative and Implant Dentistry Center make your Smile Make Over or Implant treatment affordable. We have arranged a Financing Option trough third party companies. We may help you fill your USA Dental Insurance claim and submitting electronically for you reimbursement. (Some restrictions may apply).

Dental Tourism: Affordable Dentistry!
Dentistry at the Border is a smart choice to take care of your dental health and saves you lots of Money.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY MORE FOR THE SAME, we offer you the same quality than your local dentist but with lower costs, WITHOUT NEGLECTING THE QUALITY AND SANITARY CONTROLS. American Dental Tourism is our specialty! For over years, we provide dental services that in your home you would be difficult or impossible to perform with the same or better quality!! The majority of our cosmetic procedures and individual implants or complete plates implant-supported, we perform them in a week, while you save thousands of dollars or enjoy the wonderful beach at South Padre Island, just a few miles from us, so close that neither you imagine. Discover its charms, its sunsets, fishing, golf, or just relaxing.

Even is just a White resin filling , a Dental Implant procedure or a Smile Makeover, at Unidental we have the facilities, the equipment and the better staff to offers you first class dental attention at affordable prices.

Enjoy a wonderful vacations and return to home with a spectacular new smile! Please contact our Patient Coordinator at (800) 634-0477 (spoken English) to schedule an appointment or get more information. Our Out-of-town patients receive a free -round transportation from USA International Bridge to any of our two facilities, with an American taxi cab company in their first appointment.

Why Unidental is a good choice to get your dental work?  Because is SAFE, CONVENIENT, AFFORDABLE, HIGH TECH AND SMART CHOICE!

  • You are not Alone:  even what people thinks about the border, it is safe to come to our Center, since it is strategically located so close to the international bridge, that anyone can reach us in a couple of minutes, walk is the best option. We offer you to feel safe, Free-Round-Transportation to our  Out-of-Town  guest.
  • Our dental Office Complies with all US Health and dental Standards, exceeding regulations and expectations, in fact, our dental labs and providers are 100% usa. We have strict standards of sterilization; we guarantee a clean and disinfected environment for each one of our patients. We always offer the same high quality Dental work you receive in the US. High trained Specialist Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.
  • Our work  backed with the 100% satisfaction guarantee that you can save up to 70% on procedures in comparison with any other offices in the United States and remember: we have options of financing without INTEREST through  tirth parties companies. In addition, we offer support for the claims of your coverage of an American Dental Insurance, filling and submitting electronically your claims to provide you the refund process to get home.
  • Travel few miles by a beautiful smile, it is a smart decision and better still, having the opportunity to enjoy many recreational activities in the beautiful beach at South Padre Island:  the TOP beach of Texas!! Call to our new guest coordinator at 956-621-1199, she will help you with your dental appointments and planning your vacations. Our many years of experience have allowed us to win the appreciation and preference of many American patients.

These are just some of the reasons why people from Texas and across the United States visiting us
¡ Financing your New Smile! Enhance Your Appearance TODAY!

Change your way to introduce yourself to others, confident smile, do not hide your teeth anymore ¡ We have the cosmetic solution through a complete Smile Makeover and leaves behind the problems of discolored, crooked, chipped or even missing teeth. We work with the most modern techniques and laboratories of the United States to offer you:  veneers, inlays, onlays, metal free porcelain crowns, whiter teeth, tooth-colored fillings, and periodontal assessment.

At Unidental you do not have to worry more, we offer you financial options at your fingertips, with plans without interest on periods up to 12 or 24 months. Contact our specialist who gladly explain you in detail how easy that is to apply for the smile of your dreams with low payments and better still WITH NO INTEREST  !

Compare our prices:

You like but you can’t? At Unidental, is a YES! Even using the same techniques, brands, and labs (we are on the border) that any dental office at the USA, our prices are 70% lowers! Why ?  Because low operation costs, wages, and insurance premiums. All this allow us to reduce our prices but offer the most high quality, professionalism and standards of infection control.

Visit our testimonials section and take a look to see what our customers are saying about their experiences at Unidental.

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